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hi, we're lovjbini! we're here to provide carrd tutorials, how-tos, inspos, resources, and such! read everything carefully and scroll!

admin 🧁   karo   @yj4won   she/her

admin 🍼   mya   @hooniys   they/she

adm 🍼's archive! - crdais.crd.co
adm 🧁's archive! - yj4won.ju.mp

business mail: [email protected]

both admins do commissions so if you're interested in buying a carrd from us, you can dm either of us on our mains! check admins' archives to learn more!

for features that you can't design from scratch on carrd, there's plugins that you can embed into your carrd site to do more. check out Jason's Plugins For Carrd - plugins.carrd.co

Before You Request

 1.  we're an english speaking account, contact us only using said language! though it's not our first language, so take it into consideration please! 2.  you can request a tutorial using this from! you can request as many tutorials as you want just don't do this in one request as it gets messy for us. if you do, your request will probably get deleted. 3.  we only make tutorials of provided inspo, we won't make tutorials from clues you provide as for that we take commissions! 4.  if you are able to, let us know who to credit! if you know that the owner doesn't allow tutorials, please don't request at all. 5.  if you have any questions about any of our tutorials, first check description, pinned comment and replies, and twitter thread of said tutorial as most of the times the answer can be found there. 6.  we cannot guarantee we will make your request, sorry! 7.  if you're rude/disrespectful to us, we will block you. remember we're human too, we're not a machine that will be available 24/7, that you can treat without basic respect.

Don't Request If

you fit basic criteria, are _phobic, invalidate neopronouns and neurodivergent people, are or support mspec lesbians, use fancy fonts and if you are disrespectful/rude when requesting a tutorial or asking questions, you should know that you are not welcomed here.

Frequently asked questions

 1.  can you make me a carrd for free?
— no. you need to commission us for it.
 2.  do we give out copies of our carrds?
— yes, if you commission us for it!
 3.  do i have to credit you if i used your inspo?
— yes.
 4.  do you allow tutorials on your carrds?
no on pro carrds, yes on non-pro.
 5.  why haven't you answered my dms/questions on retrospring?
— we might be busy, so please be patient! we will try to answer whenever we have time.
 6.  can i request a tutorial even if i requested before/can i request multiple tutorials?
— yes, you can! just don't do what's stated in our guidelines.
 7.  can i remake your carrd?
— of course! just please credit us properly!